Treat your taste buds and your body!  It's Irresistibly Healthy. **Important Update**

 The secret ingredient:

We're a loving family from Wisconsin who believes that 'healthy' can also mean 'delicious'.  Thanks to our decades of dedication to flavorful food made with organic, locally sourced ingredients, we'd put our all-natural cuisine up against any in the world.  That's because it's already passed the toughest test: we serve it proudly to the ones we love.  

Our goals have been the same since we shared our first delectable portions.  There are many ways to say "I care about you", "You're important", and "Thanks for being here", and this is ours: to make the best food we know how from the best ingredients on Earth, and then to share it with you. 

Tasting is believing. 

See what we have in store.

What is Irresistibly Healthy?

Our company began selling gourmet hummus seven years ago. Since then, we've added soups, spreads, sauces, snack mixes, and many other products. As of 10/16/19, we're shifting our focus and time from hummus to our new passion...

Irresistibly Healthy Soups!

Many of our customers are home chefs. Many are skilled cooks or daring 'experimenteurs'.  Some work for dining establishments Fox Valley residents enjoy. Our culinary drive to serve your hunger led us to explore soup in vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous expressions, all gluten-free. (Read about our soups here.) We'll continue to make other beloved products as time permits. Follow us on Facebook for more information!

Why are our foods so good?

We work hard to make sure that each handmade delicacy meets our family's high standards, bursting with a tantalizing array of fresh herbs, spices, and savory ingredients--free-range and cruelty-free meats and many organic or gluten free ingredients as stated on our labels.  We are proud to satisfy different palates, philosophies, and constitutions with our products.

If you want to hold a memorable wine tasting, a timeless dinner party, or a calorie-busting but flavor-bursting lunch buffet, Irresistibly Healthy is the way!  Still, there's another secret thing we put in every serving...

"This is the freshest, most stunning hummus around anywhere! It rocks your taste buds...I love that it's so satisfying and nutritious too." Wendy B., Appleton

"I wondered why most hummus I tried in the past just had no flavor, but these had such depth and tasted great. Then I got a whiff of the freshly ground spices, tasted the just-squeezed lemon, and knew it was because everything was so fresh and made in small batches." Laurel, Neenah

"What really hooked me was the variety.  Every new flavor goes on my favorites list!" C. Anne, Appleton  

"This is so good it's f***ing ridiculous." Tim L., Oshkosh

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