Delicious Ways To Eat Hummus 

  • Hummus serves as a super spread on sandwiches and wraps. Try it instead of mayonnaise. You'll get gourmet flavor with less fat.
  • Hummus turns into a tasty dressing. Blend some hummus with broth, water, or wine until you get your desired drizzling consistency to make a dressing for cold pasta salads.
  • Hummus serves as a great dip with raw veggies. Fill a serving bowl with the hummus of your choosing and surround the bowl with assorted raw vegetables such as sugar snap peas, sliced cucumber or zucchini, grape or cherry tomatoes, and broccoli or cauliflower florets.
  • Hummus + salsa = a spicy sensation. Spice up plain hummus by blending in your favorite salsa. With about 20 seconds of mixing, this tangy spread only gets better.
  • Hummus is for hamburgers. Use hummus as a spread for veggie, turkey, or beef burgers in place of traditional condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, or mustard.
  • Can bruschetta get better?  Bet on it!  For a more satisfying serving of the Italian appetizer (grilled sliced bread traditionally topped with a mixture of chopped tomato, garlic, olive oil, onion, and basil), top a sliced toasted baguette with some hummus before adding a dollop of the tomato topping.  A garnish of chopped chives, parsley, or dill complements the flavor.
  • Hummus works well as an appetizer on toasted whole wheat pita pocket crisps or grilled tortilla triangles, though whole wheat crackers complement the flavor of hummus, too.
  • Spread hummus instead of cream cheese. Try hummus on your whole grain bagel with a sprinkle of chopped olive.
  • If, like us, you love falafel (fried or baked crispy balls made with chickpeas, bulgur, and spices), hummus is a superb condiment.  Dunk the little nuggets or use as a sauce over your decadent falafel pita.

All right, if you've come this far, you're family.

That means we can let you in on the secret ways we enjoy our unique artisanal hummus.  Each and every one of them is a winner, approved by many satisfied guests, and stumbled-upon creations like these are why we continue to perfect our products and add to the flavor family.

  • All savory varieties are perfect for healthy snacks or meals as dips for your choice of veggie.  Our daughter dreams about the perfect bite of garlic hummus on a cool, sweet cherry tomato.
  • Original Roasted Garlic is a great spread on hot or cold sandwiches. With cold cuts and cheese, it's a heathier alternative to mayo or salad dressing. In deviled eggs or potato salad, we use it instead of (or in addition to) salad dressing and get asked, "What makes this so good?"  Shh...don't tell.  Just give them our web address!
  • Artichoke Hummus is a family favorite.   With corn or pita chips, it's downright polite to 'double dip'...first in hummus, then into homemade salsa!  For lunch, we sometimes roll large lettuce leaves around Artichoke Hummus, fold the end like a burrito, and dip into ranch dressing. 
  • You know how we love our cheese in Wisconsin, and Roasted Red Pepper w/ Feta Hummus makes a great pairing with flavored chips because of the density of that creamy feta. Sprinkle chopped  black or kalamata olives on top and get ready to love it.  Great for the patio or the playoffs, try a flour tortilla spread with this hummus, roll it up, and cut it straight.  These 'pinwheel' appetizers might even tempt the little ones!
  • "Sunny" Tomato Hummus is Italian influenced, so it goes perfectly with hearty breads and crostini. Use it as a base with tapenade for wonderful bruschetta. Dip cherry tomatoes into this for a snack--or, if you can keep from eating the ingredients, take time to stuff each tomato half with a little bite of Sun-Dried heaven.  A slice of  green olive as garnish gives a festive look, but we know you've already got the whole thing in your mouth so just eat the olive after!  Spread it on one side of a grilled cheese sandwich and then toast as usual.  Takes comfort food a step farther.  Use it in place of mayo on a BLT.  Delicious and less fat and calories.
  • Caramelized Onion w/ Balsamic is one our friends and family wait for.  It works as a spread, as a dip, anywhere you want that sweet onion flavor. On hamburgers, it is great; if you don't overdo it, you can mix it into the meat itself to make it tender and tasty.  Sprinkle with bits of real bacon for a crisp contrast. Spread on a flour tortilla with shredded colby or cheddar, then heat open-faced til cheese is melted.  It's also great cold--mmm!  Spread it on a sliced beef sandwich and add a bit of cheese, like provolone or Gruyere.  Exceptional combo.
  • Our delicious Spinach Feta Hummus is a favorite, fantastic as a dip or spread.  Its hearty flavor and interesting texture complements chicken in a sandwich, cold or warm. Top with kalamata olives for a hint of Greece--or if you'd like to eat a whole country's worth, pile Spinach Feta Hummus on flat bread, add fresh spinach, cooked rice, shredded carrots, a sprinkle of oil, and top with capers. Your mouth will thank you for it.
  •  Mmm, Pizza Pizzazz Hummus.  We like this best on a crunchy pita cracker (like the best part of pizza crust) and sprinkled with a little fresh-grated Parmesan cheese.  Or add your favorite pizza veggies--the only limit is your imagination.  Spread it on Naan bread or flat bread and top with all your favorite pizza toppings.  This is a great lunch and if you use a gluten free crust, it is a wonderful gluten free treat.
  • Socko Taco is our flavor with a Tex-Mex twist.  Rich, deep and spicy with a hint of lime and Ancho chile.  All you need is your favorite taco chips and maybe a Margarita.  Ole
  • Our newest creation Basil Pesto Hummus, is lush with garden fresh sweet basil, Parmesan cheese and olive oil.  Added to an omelet, spread on sandwiches, tossed with pasta, or spread on crostini and topped with tomatoes, this one is a winner.  It is also great as a simple dip with pita chips or your favorite crackers.  
  • These are our best kept secret, the Sweet Treat Varieties.  They're gluten free and work for midday pick-me-ups, meal's end, or midnight snacking.

  • Thai Cherry Almond: This sweet treat hummus is a healthy snack alternative. Use Ginger snaps as dippers for a party. Spread it on peanut butter or shortbread cookies for a quick snack or dessert. Slice apples, pears or try it with carrot sticks .

We're sure there's as many other ways to eat our hummus as there are people who love it.  Let us know about yours here!

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