Here's why you can feel good about our ingredients.

Certified Organic Garbanzo beans (chick peas): Garbanzo beans are high in insoluble fiber allowing them to remain undigested all the way down to the large intestine.  A good source of protein,legumes can be a great addition to a well balanced diet. Garbanzo beans have been in cultivation for more than 5000 years. This was done without chemical pesticides, and farmers saved the best seeds from one years production for planting the next season. There was no technology nor need to genetically modify the seed.  The crop was dried for storage in order to be eaten well after harvest.Rarely if ever canned,they were soaked and cooked fresh shortly before being eaten.  We believe this the best way. We cook our Certified Organic Garbanzo beans shortly before we make our hummus.  Being freshly cooked from dried beans rather than canned, they are high in nutrients and have no metallic taste or chemical additives. Instead they have a fresh, nutlike flavor and buttery texture. Just as nature intended.

Certified Organic Lemons: Organic lemon growers add no dyes to the skins. No chemicals nor fungicides may be used before or after harvest and no Genetically Modified fruit is allowed to be Certified Organic. Lemon juice is an important component to hummus. It adds a little acid and balances and brightens the flavors of the ingredients. We use only the juice that we squeeze from the lemons ourselves. No concentrates or flavorings PERIOD!

Grape Seed Oil: Made from the seeds of grapes that have been juiced for wine production this oil has been used for centuries. It is rich in Omega 6s (linoleic acid) and contains lots of other good things. It is a neutral tasting oil and because of this, we feel it brings out the flavor of food by allowing the rest of the ingredients to shine all on their own.

Garlic: We roast our own with grape seed oil.  As for the taste of premium garlic, well...what more can we say?

Natural Tahini: A component of most traditional hummus, it is made by grinding sesame seeds until a rich and nutlike paste is formed. We love the depth of flavor it adds. Currently we are searching for a Certified Organic Tahini that meets our taste standards.

Salt: Little is used when we create our hummus. We use only the chef's favorite, Kosher salt. Most of our flavors have fewer than 120mg of sodium per serving.

Feta Cheese: A brined curd cheese, this is often thought of as being Greek but is known by other names in other countries. Ours is made in Wisconsin. We believe that Wisconsin cheeses are some of the world's best. We buy it in the brine and rinse it before blending it into several of our flavors.

Blue Cheese: A bit sharp and a bit salty, this distinctive cheese is believed to have been created by a (very tasty) accident. It has been cultivated since 879AD. Ours is smooth and creamy and made without antibiotics or rBGH, here in Wisconsin in a dairy not far from our home.

Balsamic Vinegar: The name comes from the Latin word for 'balsam-like', meaning 'restorative'. Unlike commercial grades of vinegar labeled 'balsamic' which are actually wine vinegar to which guar gum and caramel color have been added to simulate aging, we use the real deal manufactured by a local company.  They pick white grapes, juice them, and boil them to 30% of their original volume. This juice is then placed in wood barrels to age.  It's rich, sweet and tangy, what is often called 'Silver Label' quality.  When they say it's '18 YEAR OLD BALSAMIC', they mean it.

Organic Spinach, Organic Parsley and Organic Mint: All of these used are Certified Organic produce. From start to finish no chemicals, hormones or pesticides. Just fresh, crisp and flavorful greens.

Natural Onions: Chefs polled list onions as the number one ingredient to always have on hand. Onions are on the 'Clean Fifteen' on the safe foods list researched by the Environmental Working Group. (see the 'Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen' at their site)

All of the herbs and spices we use are Certified Organic. We grind our spices fresh in our kitchen so the flavors 'pop' with surprising depth.

More information to come!

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