Hummus available in 8 oz containers.  Size of other products vary.

Flavors of Hummus and other Spreads

Original Roasted Garlic

$ 6.50 USD
Classic for a reason! This smooth, flavorful hummus is great for garlic lovers. Tastes good with just about everything.

Pizza Pizzazz
$ 6.50 USD

Tastes just like pizza--tangy, cheesy, and full of garlic, herb, and tomato goodness.

Roasted Red Pepper w/ Feta
$ 6.50 USD
Smooth roasted bell peppers, in a blend with fresh Wisconsin feta and savory spices, give this hummus a Mediterranean flavor.
Garlic Artichoke
$ 6.50 USD
Enriched with the delicacy of artichoke hearts, this hummus is an elegant and versatile choice.
Spinach Feta
$ 6.50 USD
Popeye would leave Olive Oyl for this family favorite!  Filled with garden-fresh organic spinach and the briny richness of Wisconsin feta, words for this hummus fail us  Try it, you'll love it.
Sunny Tomato
$ 6.50 USD
This one keeps it simple: sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and classic herbs.  It's a trip to sunny Italy all in one container.

Thai Cherry Almond
$ 6.50 USD
A sweet treat with a little heat, the name says it all.

Socko Taco
$6.50 USD
A trip to south of the border with all the rich flavor of Mexican food and none of the guilt.

Basil Pesto
$6.50 USD
Alive with the fresh, green taste of sweet Basil, this is a hummus that can be played with in all your recipes.

Santa Fe Black Bean
$6.50 USD
Rich in the tastes of the southwest. With sweet notes of ancho chilies, smoky notes of fire roasted Jalapenos and the tang of fresh Jalepenos and lime juice. A surprise on so many levels.  (This hummus has black beans in place of the garbanzo variety.) 

Sweet Heat

$6.50 USD

This new hummus celebrates the fresh, bright bite of jalapenos mellowed with honey. Crisp heat glows through the smooth-textured base, its sweetness balanced perfectly by lime juice and a hint of salt. Delicious in a southwestern wrap, on sliced peppers, or spread on warm corn.

Brand new!! Muhammara- this is a warm and wonderful spread originating in Syria.  It is made with roasted walnuts and roasted organic red peppers.  The  Aleppo peppers give this dip its unique spicy flavor.  It has been a hit since we first introduced it. 

Made From Scratch Savory Soups     16oz   $8.00

Our made from scratch soup line has become wildly popular.  These are not your ordinary soups.  The flavors are one of a kind. Our soups are lower in sodium and gluten free.  We offer vegan and vegetarian soups like Casbah Carrot, Black Bean  Quinoa Chili and Velvety Pea Soup.  We also have meat lovers soups like Minnesota Chicken with Wild Rice (dairy free too), Stuffed Green Pepper, Sassy Salsa Verde and Greek Lemon Chicken. Just the way to warm up any night.

Other Products

Brand new!! Ranch Dressing--dairy free, gluten free, paleo, Whole30. All the rich, creamy, tangy freshness of ranch, and good for your body too!

Olive Tapenade Provencal 8oz

$6.00 USD

Our delicious version of this classic spread is one of our "greatest hits". It is chock full of a variety of olives, capers, garlic and organic herbs & spices. We roast the garlic to give our tapenade a smooth yet  briny taste. Wonderful on sandwiches, pizza, pasta, omelets or use it to stuff pork chops or chicken.  Find your own favorite.

Worcestershire Sauce 5 fluid oz

$7.00 USD

We developed this awesome Worcestershire sauce to use in making our gluten free chex mix.  It turned out so amazing, we decided we had to offer it for sale.  We use top quality organic ingredients and brew it for weeks.  It is gluten free, GMO free and vegan.  Oh, and coincidentally, it is absolutely delicious. .  

Chex Mix (Gluten free)  8oz

$6.00 USD

This traditional chex mix is anything but ordinary.  We use our amazing gluten free Worcestershire sauce, organic butter, rice chex, GF pretzels and lots of mixed nuts.  Sure to become a snack lovers favorite and it's gluten free.

We also make a Vegan Chex mix that is just like the one above but made with organic coconut oil instead of butter, and a Nut Free variety as well.


Grilled Vegan Burgers (Gluten Free) 8 oz  $7.00

Loaded with the flavors of Southeast Asia, these are the best meatless burger you will have ever tasted. We combine chick peas, oats, quinoa and  flax seed with tasty, fresh sugar snap peas, onions, cilantro and our own blend of toasted spices. These burgers are ready to heat & eat.  Delicous on their own, try adding Kimchi, pickled veggies or any condiment. 

Tex Mex Vegan Burgers (Gluten Free) 8 oz  $7.00

Ai caramba! We pack these burgers with black and garbanzo beans, oats and quinoa.(all Certified organic). Then Organic corn, Organic onions and jalapeno peppers are blended in with cilantro, flaxseed and our savory spice blend, formed into quarter pound burgers and frozen. Just grill or pan-fry them in a bit of olive oil and top with your choice ketchup, salsa,pickled jalapenos or traditional ketchup & mustard.  

View our calendar of flavors available HERE.  (If you have a pop-up blocker, you may have to temporarily disable it to open calendar windows.)  After viewing the varieties of hummus available each week, use the order blank below to place your order.

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